Hell Is For Hyphenates – November 2010

Cinetology’s Luke Buckmaster guest hosts the November edition, in which the films of that month are debated at length, and the filmography of Tony Scott proves divisive!

3 thoughts on “Hell Is For Hyphenates – November 2010

  1. Lee

    If it sounds like we (or maybe just me) breezed through our reviews of MONSTERS and LEBANON a bit too quickly, it’s partly because only an hour or so beforehand, Paul and I had been guests on the Triple R Filmbuff’s Forecast, where we’d reviewed both of those films. If you want to have a listen, you can download the podcast of the episode (which aired 27/11/2010) by clicking here.

    (The whole thing is worth listening to, but Paul and I come in at the one hour mark.)

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