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You wouldn't think that a one hour monthly podcast would need such an elaborate website with ten different pages, but you'd be wrong. If we hadn't run out of space on the menu, we'd have twenty pages by now. We're joking, but not really.

So, what are all these pages and why do you need them? We'll avoid the obvious ones (“Home”, “About Us”) and take a look at what exactly the Hell Is For Hyphenates website can do you for you:

Blog: Did you know we have a blog? You should do, you're reading it right now. There are so many stories and addenda and extras we want to share with you outside of the main show, and now we finally can.

About Our Guests: This page has been long overdue. Despite the amazing guests we've had on the show, we've never actually told you much about who they are or what they've done. So here, in alphabetical order, is all fifty (and counting) of the Hi4H alumni, all of whom are far too good for our humble show but came on anyway.

Gallery: Take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes photos from the show, from our low-key beginnings in the corner of a friend's house, to our significantly-higher-key live show at the Sydney Film Festival.

Covers: Our incredible artist-in-resident Caroline McCurdy creates a new Hi4H-themed cover image for every filmmaker we discuss (including our mini-Hyphenates!). They are collected in their collated glory here.

Alt-U: To celebrate episode 50, we glimpsed into an alternate universe to see what the Hi4H doppelganger might look like. Read more about this here (includes ace Gwyneth Paltrow joke).

Index: Probably the most essential page on the whole site. If you're daunted by number of Hyphenates episodes, and want to listen to a favourite guest or filmmaker, we index them alphabetically here. Marvel at the fact that we've discussed Michael Bay but not Stanley Kubrick! We are forever at the mercy of our guests' filmmaker choices, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Links: Look, you know what a links page is. You've seen them before. But just in case: features links.

Podcasts: The monthly wait for new Hi4H episodes is excruciating, we know. So to fill the time, why not listen to these other film and pop culture themed podcasts produced by our amazing and funny guests?

And while we have you, don't forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and hit us up on Grindr. Er, forget that last one.

Happy browsing!

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