Our Next Hyphenate: Lynn Shelton

Writer-director-producer-editor-actress and September 2014 Hyphenate Lynn Shelton!
Writer-director-producer-editor-actress and September 2014 Hyphenate Lynn Shelton

When Humpday came out in 2009, we were pretty enamoured. Although we were hardly experts in the mumblecore movement*, what we’d seen of it had not been hugely inspiring, and Humpday single-handedly changed that: the film was so funny, endearing, and brilliantly-constructed, it single-handedly turned us around on the whole sub-genre. The casual, handheld camera work was an aesthetic that added to the story, rather than feeling like it was simply the only method of production available.

From that moment, we committed writer/director Lynn Shelton's name to memory, and eagerly awaited her next film. That next film - 2011's Your Sister's Sister - was even better: a perfectly-executed film that took an outrageous setup and invested us in it wholly, subverting clichés in all the right ways.

So you can imagine we were pretty chuffed when Lynn agreed to be our next guest on the show, and we were very keen to find out who she would choose as her filmmaker. Who inspires one of independent cinema’s most exciting voices?

She has chosen French director Claire Denis, best known for films such as Beau Travail (1999), 35 Shots of Rum (2008) and White Material (2009). It's a fascinating choice, and we're really looking forward to watching or rewatching her films in preparation.

As always, the episode will be out on the last day of the month, so stock yourselves up on Shelton and Denis films and we'll meet you back here then.

Claire Denis
Legendary French filmmaker Claire Denis, the subject of our next episode

* Is “mumblecore” considered a legitimate term for the sub-genre, or a pejorative? We should look into that.

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