Our Next Hyphenate Scott Weinberg

Film journalist, producer, and Hi4H April 2017 guest host Scott Weinberg

If you’re into film and you're on Twitter, you definitely know who Scott Weinberg is. But for those who are yet to make the leap to the microblogging social media platform, Scott has been a film journalist for almost two decades, writing on cinema for Cinematical, FEARnet, Nerdist, Thrillist, Playboy and others. He’s one of film criticism’s most passionate voices, and recently launched the popular 1980s cinema-themed podcast 80s All Over alongside Hi4H alum Drew McWeeny.

He's also become hands-on behind the camera, producing last year's horror film Found Footage 3D. But all of that pales in comparison his next role: Hell Is For Hyphenates guest host!

Scott is best known for his love of horror cinema, so we were keen to hear which filmmaker he would want to talk about. So who did he go with? None other than British horror director Neil Marshall!

Marshall was praised for his gritty debut feature, the 2002 werewolf horror Dog Soldiers. His 2005 spelunking follow-up The Descent immediately achieved cult status, and with two iconic horrors under his belt, Marshall quickly became one to watch.

After a few more features, Marshall turned to television, working on Black Sails, Constantine, Hannibal and Westworld. He has also directed for Game of Thrones, with his debut episode Blackwater considered one of the best-directed episodes of the entire series.

So what is it about Marshall's films that Scott loves so much? Check back in with us on April 30 when we find out!

Our next filmmaker of the month, Neil Marshall

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