Our Next Hyphenate Ming-Zhu Hii

Actor, filmmaker and Hi4H April 2018 guest host Ming-Zhu Hii

You've definitely seen the work of Ming-Zhu Hii.

Maybe you caught her in some of Australian television's best comedies, appearing with Kates McCartney and McLennan in Get Krack!n, or starring alongside Shaun Micallef in The Ex PM.

Or maybe you saw her in really any of our high-profile dramas, in Sisters, or Newton's Law, or Party Tricks, or Offspring.

You'll also have seen her in some recent (and current) films, as the director Corrie in That's Not Me, and as Sarabeth in the currently-in-cinemas Peter Rabbit.

But we're not at the end of the bio yet, because she's also a filmmaker in her own right, writing and directing the 2016 espionage short Close Observations of a Single Subject, as well as the forthcoming psychological thriller short Intrusion.

But forget all those credits, as well as the numerous other ones we ran out of room for, because Ming-Zhu is about to top them all with her next role: Hell Is For Hyphenates guest host!

But which filmmaker has she chosen to talk about?

None other than Steve McQueen!

If you recently listened to last month's episode, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the star of The Great Escape had a few directorial efforts up his sleeve.

But those of you who are one stage closer to galaxy brain will immediately know that we're talking about the director of the Best Picture Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave (2014), as well as the phenomenal Hunger (2008) and Shame (2011).

But McQueen isn't just a feature director with a flawless three-for-three track record: he was directing for long before Hunger, as a prolific maker of short films, music videos, and video installation art pieces. Even if you're super familiar with his three feature films, we're pretty confident that there's a whole lot about him you don't know. We're certainly learning a lot as we prep for this episode.

But most importantly: what is it about McQueen's work that Ming-Zhu loves so much?

Check back in with us on April 30 when we find out!

Our next filmmaker of the month, Steve McQueen

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