Russell On Dolan

Handsome, talented, and possessed of an undeniably seductive accent. Yes, it was a pleasure having Stephen on the show, and as a bonus, he wanted to talk about Xavier Dolan, who is also all of those things.

Stephen is passionate about film and never shy of an opinion, which is why we were so eager to finally have him on the show. He joined us to talk about some of the key films of the past month, including Disney's sequel-to-a-classic Mary Poppins Returns, Paolo Sorrentino's fictitious biopic Loro, M Night Shyamalan's superheroic trilogy-capping Glass, and Aussie remake Storm Boy.

We also take a moment to finally, once-and-for-all, no-backsies settle the big Oscars debate: is it empty pageantry that reduces artistic endeavor to a horse race, or are we simply dead inside? Someone will have their minds changed before this nine minute segment is up.

Then, Stephen takes us through the works of Xavier Dolan. He dives into the emotion and artistry that makes Dolan's works so compelling. Sadly, Dolan is a thousand years old and not much to look at, so it's a relief he's good at making movies.

And yeah, sorry about Stephen's mic. We're still not entirely sure what happened there.

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Outro music: Tired of America by Rufus Wainwright from Tom at the Farm (2013)

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