Hell Is For Hyphenates – June 2010

In the first official Hell Is For Hyphenates podcast, Paul and Lee are joined by Melbourne film critic extraordinaire Thomas Caldwell of Cinema Autopsy fame. They look back at the films of June 2010, ask whether you can still enjoy a film if you disagree with its fundamental philosophy, and debate the films and career of Tim Burton.

4 thoughts on “Hell Is For Hyphenates – June 2010

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    At time of recording, Burton’s most recent film was Alice In Wonderland. To hear us discuss Dark Shadows, listen to the show from May 2012. To hear us discuss Frankenweenie, listen to the show from October 2012. To hear us discuss Big Eyes, listen to the show from March 2015. To hear us discuss Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, listen to the show from October 2016.

  2. Rich

    Nice work boys!!

    Enjoyed this one a bit more than the first (probably because I have a strange apathy towards Woody Allen films). I was very keen to hear how you would approach the Burton discussion. I think you are spot on about the point when he started going downhill in filmmaking. In the end you were pretty kind to him which I guess is fair enough but personally I am about to enter the ‘despise him’ phase. He was a genius during my formative film watching years then he dropped like a sinker and after Alice In Wonderland I think he has lost perspective completely and has run out of ideas (I did see his masterclass at ACMI last week too and I agree he is genuine in his motives I think he has too many people around him calling him a great artist. It’s gone to his head and made him lazy). Heh, this Burton rant could go an awhile… I’ll move on…

    Congrats on the podcast. Very good work!


  3. Terry1

    Hello from New York New York. Your enthusiasm and film-literacy is impressive. I hope you guys stick with it. ALSO I humbly suggest you do Christopher Nolan for your next podcast in honor of the great Inception.


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