Hell Is For Hyphenates – May 2010 (pilot)

Welcome to the Hell Is For Hyphenates podcast! In anticipation of our first episode, please enjoy our pilot test run. Paul and Lee look back at the films of May 2010, try to name a single high-quality fourth film in any film series, and take a look at the filmography of Woody Allen.

6 thoughts on “Hell Is For Hyphenates – May 2010 (pilot)

  1. Avatar photoThe Hyphenates Post author

    At time of recording, Woody Allen's most recent film was Whatever Works. To hear us discuss You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, listen to the show from January 2013. To hear us discuss Midnight In Paris, listen to the show from October 2011. To hear us discuss To Rome With Love, listen to the show from October 2012. To hear us discuss Blue Jasmine, listen to the show from September 2013. To hear us discuss Magic in the Moonlight, listen to the show from August 2014. To hear us discuss Irrational Man, listen to the show from August 2015. To hear us discuss Café Society, listen to the show from October 2016. To hear us discuss Wonder Wheel, listen to the show from December 2017.

  2. Thomas Caldwell

    Great pilot guys! Very entertaining and interesting.

    You are right about dodgy part 4s. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull springs immediately to mind. It’s not as terrible as some make it out to be but a massive drop in quality compared to the three films that came before it. I always felt that Sudden Impact is an overlooked 4th film and I reckon it’s the best Dirty Harry film after the original. I’m also very fond of Alien: Resurrection and I agree that the 4th Harry Potter film is one of the better ones (after the 3rd in fact).

    I loved your Woody Allen overview and I am now keen to hunt down those handful of films that I’m yet to see, although it sounds like I should avoid Hollywood Ending! I reckon my top 5 (in no order) would be Annie Hall, Bananas, Deconstructing Harry, Match Point and, of course Manhattan.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more and thrilled to be an upcoming guest!


  3. Lee

    I never thought of Dirty Harry! But I did realise after we recorded it that I’d completely forgotten about the Planet of the Apes films! Where is the love for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes? Had I remembered, I’d have notched it up with the Thin Man and Lone Wolf and Cub series.

    Thank you for the kind words, and we look forward to hearing you on our first official episode!

  4. joel

    hey paulie falls in love with a robot: ROCKY IV is absolute gold!!!! i still cannot understand your contempt for this film. question: when did you see it? i’m betting it was soon after it came out, and you were expecting a rocky film. but what if you were expecting something akin to a seagal film? that 20 minute montage in russia redefines 80s action cinema. that’s it. you and me are gonna sit down and watch it, and i defy you to not enjoy it.
    also, since no one has made an awesome fourth film (aside from rocky 4), is that a reason for people to give up on fourth films, or for someone to go out there and make a truly magnificent fourth film?
    great podcast guys, it’s great to hang out and talk movies with you guys, even if i don’t say much…

  5. Lee

    No sooner do we discuss the best films of Woody Allen than Woody Allen himself lists his six favourite Woody Allen films. I think that’s the most number of times I’ve written “Woody Allen” in a single sentence. They are:

    Purple Rose of Cairo
    Match Point
    Bullets Over Broadway
    Husbands and Wives
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    There are few things more interesting than hearing a filmmaker list the films that they are most proud of. And hey, he and I picked one of the same films, and it’s not either of the Big Two!

  6. d m k

    The only thing said about Interiors is that it's a Bergman impersonation? That's upsetting, but understandable for it's certainly his best film. No joke. And Bergman isn't really that great a filmmaker anyway. People will feel better about themselves once they realise this.

    And Woody Allen fans. I don't get it. Besides Interiors, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Match Point there isn't much there. OK, Annie Hall is pleasurable. But then everything else? Meh?

    Fun podcast btw.


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