Derrickson On Wenders

We've had guests on the show who have had a personal connection to their filmmaker of the month. Brian Trenchard-Smith talked about Quentin Tarantino asking his advice on a rough cut. Edgar Wright talked about consulting with George Miller on how to film car chases. And we certainly got the personal touch when we talked about Robert Altman with his son Michael.

But we'd wager no guest to date has talked about their filmmaker subject with as much breadth as Scott Derrickson, who talks about Wim Wenders as a fan, as a collaborator, and as a close friend. Scott switches effortlessly between these modes as we traverse the eclectic, exciting, and never-dull filmography of the man who gave us classics like Wings of Desire and Paris, Texas.

Before we get to him, we look at some of the key new releases of this month, including Nicole Holofcener's latest drama Land of Steady Habits, Bradley Cooper's update of the classic Hollywood tale A Star Is Born, Damien Chazelle's moon landing retelling First Man, and the Freddie Mercury + Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

Further reading:

  • Check out our friends at Culture Capital talking A Star Is Born here on Soundcloud
  • Here's some more detail on whether or not Neil Armstrong really did leave his daughter's bracelet on the moon
  • Regardless of your own feelings on Bohemian Rhapsody, it would have been pretty interesting to see Sacha Baron Cohen's take on Freddie Mercury
  • So what does a Bob Dylan painting of a Wim Wenders shot look like? Check it out
  • We're pretty sure that this is the shot described by Scott, taken at Ground Zero by Wim
The newly-built World Trade Centre from Alice in the Cities (1974)
John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer) from Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, and Dennis (John Paul Getty III) in Wim Wenders’s The State of Things
People with that name just have a thing for guys in red hats

Outro music: Chan Chan from the Buena Vista Social Club

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