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100 episodes! Not counting the pilot, which we called episode 00 because it was a guest-free test run. Still, this was episode 100 proper, and we had to find a suitable way to celebrate the occasion. So we invited Greg McLean, the writer/director of one of the most influential Australian films of all time, Wolf Creek, to join us on stage at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Greg opted to talk about the great Ridley Scott, director of Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, The Martian, and a heap more beside. Greg's story of “seeing” Alien before he saw it is as great an origin story as they come. Talking all things Ridley Scott in front of a live audience with Greg was a thrill, and we reckon a pretty solid way to mark the milestone.

Long-time listeners may also recognise a couple of familiar voices at the top of the show, two interlopers who weren't there for the live recording, but nevertheless had to be included. When Paul revealed he was going to be in London at roughly the same time we were on stage in Melbourne, we decided we needed a reunion of departed Hi4H hosts, so set him up So up for a meeting/recording. Based on what they sent back, they had far too much fun doing something we intended to be work. Honestly, some people.

The epic Nelson/Mayer meeting, inexplicably masking their face with what looks like Totoro slippers

A huge thanks to Greg, and to Thomas Caldwell and everyone at the Melbourne International Film Festival, as well as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. A lot of people came together to make this happen, and we're grateful to every single one of you.

Further reading:

And here's that Ridley Scott opening video you can hear in the show:

And check out the slideshow of images from the event, with photography by Clara Kosasih:

Outro music: score from Blade Runner, composed by Vangelis

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