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Win a Jim Jarmusch DVD Pack!


Last May, we were joined by guest Sarah Caldwell, who spoke with us about the works of US indie auteur Jim Jarmusch. Thanks to Madman Entertainment, we have an embarrassingly large haul of Jarmusch films to give away: Permanent Vacation, Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train, Night on Earth, Dead Man and Only Lovers Left Alive. All of those titles could be yours. And not just the titles, but the films that go along with them. We'd say Madman is spoiling us, but the truth is that they're spoiling you.



To win the set of DVDs, simply answer the following question:

In the May 2014 episode of Hell Is For Hyphenates, Sarah Caldwell sums up one of Jim Jarmusch's films with the following phrase: “The descent from civilisation, but a move towards another one.” Which of Jarmusch's films is she talking about?

To enter, send your answer to co*********@he*****************.com by midnight on 5 February 2015 AEST*. All correct answers will be put into some sort of bucket, and the winning entry will be drawn at random. The winner will then be notified by email.

If you don't want to leave it to the fates, you can order these films right this second from Madman.

* The competition was originally slated to end on 31 January, but given that’s the date the show is released, we felt that was a bit too much happening all at once. So you have an extra few days to get your entries in, as well as build an extra room on your house to accommodate all of these DVDs. Seriously, there are a lot.

Hell Is For Hyphenates – May 2014

Sarah Caldwell joins the Hyphenates to talk about the films of May 2014, ask why Hollywood is so obsessed with destroying cities at the moment, and look over the filmography of US indie writer/director Jim Jarmusch.